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Donated Goods and Services (DOGS), are goods or services which are donated by AstraZeneca intended to improve an NHS service (capability, capacity, speed or quality of care) to enhance patient care.

DOGS may be offered to Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) to deliver education and training to patients, staff or Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in response to a specific need but may not be provided to individuals for their personal benefit.

DOGS must be designed to be of relevance to a significant population of HCOs such that they have not been designed to benefit or target one particular HCO.

DOGS do not constitute an inducement to prescribe, supply, administer, recommend, buy or sell any medicine and details are publicly disclosed, as transfers of value, and are documented and kept on record by AstraZeneca.

This Donated Service Programme is organised and funded by AstraZeneca and delivered by Oberoi Consulting.


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